=Texting= #FantasySmutFriday – Week 15 – NSFW

He didn’t know what it was that he had done to deserve her but holy fuck he wasn’t going to let her go...not ever.Half the things that came out of her mind was like she had spent a decade in his learning his secret desires and emulating them now. His phone vibrated causing a familiar… Continue reading =Texting= #FantasySmutFriday – Week 15 – NSFW

=Studying Late= NSFW – +18

“Hey.” Your hand on my shoulder caused a sharp inhale on my end. It was close to 9pm, I had texted about needing to stay in the library later than planned because there was no way I was going to be able to get any work done at home. The magical prowess of the sofa… Continue reading =Studying Late= NSFW – +18

=Sodden= -NSFW 18+

It wasn’t the tropical rainstorm I longed for but it rained harder than usual lending to my childhood nostalgia. Despite having lived there for four years I had forgotten how temperamental the weather is. Upon exiting the building I was drenched from the heavy downpour and I could hear your voice in my mind teasing… Continue reading =Sodden= -NSFW 18+

=Domestic Bliss= -NSFW 18+

I slowly folded the chocolate chips into the waffle batter, making sure the skillets were switched on and heating gently. The thing about public holidays is that they allow you to be at home- extended weekends for the entirety of the week and I was beyond excited. True it was also a time for you… Continue reading =Domestic Bliss= -NSFW 18+

=Aveo= *Desire*

Have you ever wondered, How perfectly your lips fit against mine?Or noticed the waymy skin hums against yours?Curiosity is…Wanting to know how your breath hitches with passion,Exploring, exciting new ways to make youSmile.Leap, mea mellilla, I’ll be your wings.But forgive me if,I get distracted.You see, I could spend minutes, hours, years,Exploring and kissing,You from the… Continue reading =Aveo= *Desire*

=Y.B. (Your Brat)= -NSFW 18+

**Warning: Contains adult themes that are strictly consensual. Couple are in a dom/sub relationship.** I’d been bratty all day, sending naughty texts and demanding attention when I knew you’d be busy. There were walkthroughs and planning to be done, no time to casually glance at your phone and play with your girl. So I might have been over eager, the manuscript I’d been working was immediately abandoned when… Continue reading =Y.B. (Your Brat)= -NSFW 18+

No Restraint -NSFW Poem

Write every letter of the alphabetbelow my waistFuck me like the writer that I ama writer who needs to learnthe origin of each wordover and over again.Pull beautiful poetry out of my mindby pulling on my hair.Spank mewhen I’m too quietfor I want nothing betterthan to translate your touches to paper.I want to write stories… Continue reading No Restraint -NSFW Poem

=Bad Days= – NSFW 18+

From the outside looking in, people would call us ‘introverts’. We preferred to spend our weeknights at home and weekends even more so. If only they knew half of what we got into…I could tell from your single sentence responses and the even longer pauses between that the day wasn’t going well. You didn’t want… Continue reading =Bad Days= – NSFW 18+

=Late Night Kisses= -NSFW 18+

**Trigger warning: Do not read if you are underage. Contains plenty of adult themes.** I must’ve mumbled something in my sleep, another nightmare that tormented my dream-self. The next thing I remember is your warm arms pulling me close to your body. I loved how our bodies molded against one another and not for the first time I wondered if you knew how you reached out for… Continue reading =Late Night Kisses= -NSFW 18+